Wednesday meetings continue to clear up city and county animal shelter's dispute

Hundreds of animals wait in limbo

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Wednesday the newly-formed Kern County Animal Services Commission will continue to clean up a bitter dispute that's locked hundreds of stray animals in the middle.

The commission will be at the Kern County Department of Health located at 1800 Mt. Vernon Ave. at 6pm to vote on a recommendation to bridge the gap between the city and county animal shelters.

If approved strays could be dropped off at whatever shelter they're found closest to.

Officials believe it's what is in the best interest for the animals, the good samaritans that drop them off and the families trying to find them.

However, the pair of shelters are concerned they will have to foot the bill for animals that belong with another agency.

To off-set that concern the commission wants all stray pets to be counted daily and have the shelters divvy up the difference financially.

If everything goes according to plan at Wednesday's public meeting then the measure heads to the board of supervisors for a final vote.


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