Wells depleting in Lake of the Woods; water trucked in to locals

Water shortage in Lake of the Woods

A town without water, Lake of the Woods continues to suffer from the drought crisis, now more than ever.
"We had to start trucking water in over Memorial Day weekend, because of the greater usage of the water since things have warmed up," said Lake of the Woods Mutual Water Co. President Bob Stowell. 
The towns main water supply well is dropping by about 6 inches every day-not enough residents need to maintain their water supply, which is why officials need to truck in water. 
"Drilling some test holes in the next couple of weeks, and if they do produce something, then we'll case them and use them as regular wells," said Stowell.
The town also issued letters to all 400 households, stating that there shouldn't be any outside watering, no car washing, swimming pools, of anything else that requires potable water. 
A real estate broker, who has lived in the area for over four decades, says home sales have gone down significantly.
"Homeowners are wanting to sell in Lake of the Woods, but prices are down in Lake of the Woods because of the water shortage, there's a fear in buying a house in lake of the woods because if you can't produce water, how can you run your house," said Grapevine Real Estate's Susan Jensen.
Water officials add the town is using 750 thousand dollars in grant money to pay for the test drilling. 
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