When kids should seek medical attention for the flu

Specific symptoms to look for

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - After a fourth grader at Columbia Elementary school died from influenza last Friday, parents and children crowded the waiting room at Memorial Urgent Care Monday. The severe case of the flue have many parents wondering how long they should wait to take their children to the doctor when they are sick.

Dr. Keith Campbell at Memorial Urgent Care in Bakersfield said there are specific symptoms to look for when deciding if your child needs medical attention.

"If your child is having a hard time breathing, if they are not acting right or have changes in their level of consciousness or the way they are acting toward you."

Another red flag to look out for is a high fever.

"It's common to have a fever with a viral illness and it's important to realize that those who have a low fever, a runny nose and a cough can maybe be treated at home," Dr. Campbell said.

Doctors said if your child has a high fever that lasts more than two or three days, you should seek medical attention immediately and stay home from school for 24 hours after the fever is gone.


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