While crime in Kern County is down, home burglaries seem to be on the rise

Law enforcement suggest neighbors be more vigilant

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Crime in Bakersfield may be down, but home burglaries seem to be keeping law enforcement busy and families on edge.

“I feel like I’m being attacked in the house that I was living in. That was very scary, and I was angry because I didn’t feel safe,” said Dana Barboza who was burglarized twice at the Santa Rose Apartments.

Barboza moved to her new apartment in May and just a few days after thieves kicked-in her front door she decided enough was enough.

“I went to the living room and our door had been kicked in and it was all shattered,” she said.

The suspects walked away empty handed because Barboza and her husband were at home, upstairs asleep.

“I was more angry than anything,” she said.

Building managers were kind enough to move them to another apartment, but then her worse nightmare came true, while she was at work thieves had broke in again.

“My mattress had been over turned, all my purses, my extra purses dumped out,” said Barboza.

Authorities say burglaries are up all over the county and neighbors are aware, some are taking the proper precautions to avoid becoming a victim.

“Our doors are locked all the time and we have neighbors that we work with together that watch our belongings,” said Fred Aguirre of Bakersfield.

Crime prevention units suggest people be more vigilant around their neighborhoods keeping a close eye on any suspicious people or activity.  People should also consider a few other things.

“A radio, or a light (if it’s night,) or a motion light makes somebody think you’re home,” said Curtis Perry of Bakersfield.

23abc was not able to contact the apartment managers, but residents say as of Friday the complex is under new ownership.  Another tenant has seen more police patrol in the neighborhood and hopefully he says that will reduce some of the burglaries taking place.


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