Wild pigs huge problem for Stallion Springs residents, pigs tear up property

Nearly 500 pigs roam community at night

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Wild pigs have become a huge problem for the small community of Stallion Springs, recently. 

According to community board member, Mary Beth Garrison, the pigs have been in the community for decades, but are multiplying in large numbers. 

Garrison believes there are close to 500 pigs that visit the small town every night. 

The pigs are known to come through the night in herds of 40 to 50. They tear up the yards and property of residents, trying to fish food from the dirt. 

Garrison believes the pigs are targeting the community because of a drought that has left many animals without water. 

"You know I think the drought has driven them more into the community where there's a water source and it has made the problem worse," Garrison said. 
Kenn Arnecke has seen the pigs destroy his business. He manages the Horse Thief Golf Course in Stallion Springs, which has been targeted almost every night since July. 
"The largest [pig] I think we've ever encountered so far was around 230 to 235 pounds," said Arnecke.
Arnecke has tried to capture the pigs himself through built traps and cages. His team has only captured about 25 pigs since the season started. 
"In the long run it was not effective for the pigs we have here. They have just learned too doggone much about people," Arnecke said. 
Stallion Springs community board members are looking to find an outside source to help the community capture the pigs. They said they are not sure how much the efforts will cost the town, yet. 
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