Wild weather in Kern County results in landslides, power outages, flooding and fires

Major damage and flooding throughout the county

It was another wild weather day in Kern County with heavy rain, wind and even a landslide that shut down Highway 178. The storm caused many power outages that left thousands without power.


"We were watching it and all of a sudden it was getting towards dark and it got dark because all the lights were not working and I was trying to cook my dinner," Marc Henry, a Lake Isabella resident, said.


While the storm was brewing, those without power suffered with no air condition for several hours.


"It was hot, so it wasn't good. There was a lot of flooding," another resident said.


A Shell gas station in Lake Isabella had to close their doors due to the power outage.


"Even after I closed the door because we had no power, Ihad people wanting to come in and asked for a beer," Julie Christensen, a Shell employee, said.


The National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning Monday afternoon for north central Kern County that resulted in heavy downpours and lightning.


On Tuesday, August 20, city workers began to clean up the mess left behind the strong winds and rain.

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