Winter weather brings in street gutter mess for Bakersfield resident

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The recent rain storms and winter weather have left a mess in street gutters for some Bakersfield resident. 

Mitchell Green, who lives in south Bakersfield, said the gutter mess has been a problem for him for the past 10 years. 

"It causes the water to back up in our gutters and turn green, so, all the trash from around the corner comes down on us," said Green. 

Green said he has tried to reach out to the city for help on the clean up. At times he is able to have them sweep the mess, but other times can not get a hold of them. 

"I'm 82 and I'm getting too old to be cleaning gutters. I mean that's the city's job anyway to keep their gutter's clean," said Green. 

23ABC spoke to Michael Connor from the city's street division to see how we could help the older man. They said they can only sweep the gutters once a month and Green's street gets help every second Wednesday. 

"We don't have enough sweepers or personal to actually increase our sweeping time. To do it twice a month we would need to increase our street cleaning by twice what we have right now," said Connor. 

Every neighborhood's residential street is swept once a month. The street division is also collecting leafs until January. 

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