Witness: Bakersfield police patrol car destroyed by officer who took it for joy ride

Cop reportedly told witness it 'never happened'

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A witness told 23ABC that a Bakersfield police patrol car was destroyed after an officer reportedly took it out for a joy ride on Saturday.

On March 16, an unnamed witness said they saw the officer in a new Ford Inceptor patrol car driving along the Westside ParkwayThe witness said the officer told them he had driven it out there to see how fast the patrol car could go.

While driving on the unfinished parkway, a witness said the officer hit a foot deep gap in the pavement, wrecking the patrol car.  

The witness said no fire officials or ambulances were called out to the scene, but other officers with the Bakersfield Police Department and a tow truck did go to the scene to clean the wreckage up.

The same witness also said he was told to delete photos of the accident from his cell phone and that BPD officials told him "this never happened."

The BPD Public Information Officer, Michaela Beard, told 23ABC there is an internal investigation going on regarding the wrecked patrol car.  Due to the investigation, Beard said they couldn't comment further.

A spokesman for TRIP, the governmental agency overseeing the road project, declined comment and referred us back to Bakersfield Police.

The witness told 23ABC that he did not want to be named.

The new BPD patrol cars were recently introduced in January.  Unlike the old cars, the Interceptor has all-wheel drive, quicker acceleration, better handling and gas mileage.

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