Wofford Heights missing mom, Brandi Tanner's, fiancé: 'I did nothing but look for her'

Jail records show fiancé was in jail

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A man who said he was engaged to the missing mother from Wofford Heights is speaking out. Brandi Tanner disappeared July 7, and a body, that has yet to be identified, was found in the area Sunday.

Tanner, the mother of two children, left her Wofford Heights home to go for a walk and hasn't been seen since.

23ABC spoke to Tanner's father earlier this week and he seemed to think her boyfriend had something to do with his daughter's disappearance.

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Tanner's reported fiancé, 27-year-old David Lofty, is in the Kern County Jail, but not for anything related to Tanner's disappearance. Lofty, who is apparently on suicide watch and wearing paper clothing, was chained  to the railing by deputies for the interview to prevent him from moving.

Lofty said he was unaware that a woman's body had been found just a few blocks from 22-yeaer-old Brandi Tanner's home until 23ABC told him.

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"Oh my God, this is all news to me," said Lofty.

Two of Lofty's recent arrests play an important role in the timeline of Tanner's disappearance. Lofty was in jail at the time Tanner went missing for a domestic violence charge after he and Tanner had an altercation. And jail records confirm he was released on July 10, three days after the mom disappeared.

"I didn't do nothing; I didn't do nothing to her," said Lofty. "I did nothing but look for her."

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And that search lead him back to jail nine days later.

He is currently booked on charges he assaulted someone he thinks knows about Tanner's disappearance.

"I heard that they had Brandi hostage; that Brandi was last seen with these people" said Lofty. "So I went and seen these people and had an altercation with them."

Lofty said he and Tanner were getting back together and planning to get married. He said they each had tattoos of the other's name.

"Yeah, we had our ups and downs," said Lofty. "I would never take her life or think about taking her life. I loved her. I loved her like no other."

23ABC News asked Lofty if her knew anything about Tanner's disappearance.

"That's the whole story. They were all partying on the Fourth of July weekend," said Lofty. "And I guess her brother walked into that bedroom and they were doing something and she ran out of the house."

Lofty seemed to choose his words carefully, but he indicated that Tanner's disappearance and possible death could be drug related.

"Somebody [explicit] in that house, that night, she took off from on that Fourth of July weekend, gave her a hot shot and that's what happened," said Lofty.

The Kern County Coroner's Office is still working to identify the body found in Wofford Heights. 

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