Woman claims she was evicted out of apartment in Tehachapi after complaint to management

Management says tenant violated rental agreement

A Tehachapi woman contacted 23ABC News after she received a 60 day notice to vacate her unit from the property management company.

The woman said the rental agreement termination notice came just hours after she complained to the property management company that they were wasting water on the grounds.

"Everyday the sidewalks are flooded. We are in a drought and we need to conserve water. Why would they over water the premises," said Debbie Jennings.

Jennings said she has lived at the Mill Garden Apartments for 5 years. She said that she's always paid her rent on time and has addressed every issue management was concerned about in the past.

"I believe they are harassing me because I've complained about the water issues," said Jennings.

Other neighbors that 23ABC spoke with have also seen a huge amount of water waste on the property. Some did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation from management as well.

"They need to fix the sprinklers because I think they water the sidewalk more than the grass. I thought about complaining too, but are they going to try to evict me next," said one resident who wanted to remain anonymous.

23ABC contacted 4 Seasons Realty, the property management company. They said they are not attempting to terminate Jennings' contract because of the complaints.

Management said that Jennings has violated other issues with her rental agreement, including having other people live there who were not on the agreement, but said Jennings had address those issues in the past.

According to 4 Seasons officials, by California law, they do not have to give an official reason for terminating a rental agreement, if there is no lease.

Jennings said she is happy living at the apartment complex and has spoken to an attorney to fight the rental agreement termination.

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