Woman convicted for drunken driving accident; three victims had serious injuries

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A jury convicted a woman of two counts of driving while impaired and injuring three people, an official of District Attorney's office said.

April Crystal Trujillo was convicted for an April 23, 2011 accident, where Trujillo ran a red light at Gosford Road and White Lane, colliding with the victims' car.

One of the victims was in a coma for almost two moths; the other two victims sustained major injuries, officials said.

Trujillo's blood alcohol content was .26, over three times the legal limit.

Trujillo will be sentenced September 24. Trujillo is facing up to 16 years in prison.

"This was a tragedy that should not have happened," said Lisa Green, District Attorney, "These three young people had their lives changed in an instant because this defendant chose to drive after drinking 100 ounces of alcohol."

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