Woman gets free wedding after losing first venue at Golden State Mall

ARVIN, Calif. - At least one of the people who lost money when the Golden State Mall closed will still have a happy ending.

The mall that closed unexpectedly in late June has an events center inside.

Dozens of people lost money after they put down deposits for their event, some lost thousands of dollars.
Jeanie Kelly was one of the victims that was told there was little they could do to get their money back because the owner filed for bankruptcy.

Kelly lost $3,500 and was afraid she would be forced to change the special date of her wedding: 12-13-14.

In her desperation to find another venue on that date, she called JH Ranch.

They told her they had just bought the golf course in Arvin and were turning it into an events venue.

Not only did Kelly get to keep her date, but the new owners decided to do her wedding for free after hearing her experience with the Golden State Mall.

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