Woman tries to sell shotgun on Facebook

How to sell a firearm properly

After 23ABC received an anonymous tip about a woman trying to sell a 12-gage shotgun on Facebook, we looked into the legality of selling firearms online. The woman 23ABC spoke with said she saw the posting on a private group and warned her that what she is doing is illegal.


"Even when people were commenting and telling her it was illegal, she didn't care."


The Bakersfield Police Department said they aggressively investigate this type of crime.


"We do investigate the selling of firearms online, specifically when it comes to people providing us with tips and with information," Michaela Bead, Public Information Officer with the Bakersfield Police Department, said.


Leo Gonzales at Second Amendment Sports in Bakersfield said in order for a person to sell a gun, they must do what's called a party to party transfer.


"If they're just selling a gun person to person, that's illegal in the state of California. You have to do a party to party transfer where both parties have to come to a gun store, do a background check on the seller. If everything is OK, 11 days later he can pick up the gun," Gonzales said.


Gonzales said it's important to know all of the rules and regulations before taking on the responsibility of gun ownership.


"There's a lot of people out there who are first time buyers, especially lately, who really don't know the rules or the overall circumstances about buying or transferring a weapon so that's why they need to contact a local gun store and get the correct information," Gonzales said.



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