Woman who was battered by live in boyfriend tells her story of survival

Suspect is state corrections officer


A Bakersfield woman tells her courageous story of survival after police said her live in boyfriend attacked her and threatened to kill her.

Police said Sarah Delgado was attacked by her live in boyfriend who is also a state corrections officer.

Sarah Delgado said she and the suspect Alfred Hernandez had only been together for a few months and she had never seen a violent side to him before.

Bakersfield police said it happened early Monday morning at a home near Olive Drive and Old Farm Road.

Police said state corrections officer Alfred Hernandez assaulted his live in girlfriend Sarah Delgado after he had been drinking.

Delgado said Hernandez woke her up at 3 a.m. wanting to have sex.

When Delgado refused she said Hernandez immediately turned violent.

So she ran from the bedroom with her cell phone and dialed 911 as she tried to getaway.

"At that point he got a hold of me I threw my cell phone right in that laundry basket so he couldn't get it I tried to prolong the call so 911 can help me," Delgado said.

Delgado said she could only hope help would arrive before Hernandez carried out his threats to kill her.

Delgado said he drug her back into the bedroom in an effort to keep from waking up his three sons who were sleeping.

She said at one point Hernandez choked her until she passed out.

“I thought was going to die at that point I really thought my life was over," Delgado said.

During the attack Delgado said Hernandez’s 16-year-old son woke up and let police in.

Police arrested Hernandez and booked him on multiple felonies including kidnapping.

Delgado said she wanted to tell her story as warning to other women.

"Recognize the signs and get away," she said.

Hernandez declined our request for a jailhouse interview.

He is set for his first court appearance tomorrow.

State corrections said Corcoran state prison has requested Hernandez be put on paid administrative leave while they investigate.

If he is convicted of a felony, Hernandez would lose his job as a corrections officer.

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