Women being drugged, raped in bars in Frazier Park and Pine Mountain Club

A string of alleged sex assaults has deputies warning women and in Frazier Park and Pine Mountain Club.

Kern County Sheriff's Department deputies say four times in the last nine months someone at a bar either in Frazier Park or Pine Mountain Club has slipped something into a woman's drink and then later raped her.

Deputies were able to identify a suspect in each case but didn't have enough evidence to file charges.

Investigators said three of the incidents happened in Pine Mountain Club and one happen in Frazier Park.

They said all of the incidents started with a woman being drugged in the bar.

Deputies said in three of the cases, the women said they were sexually assaulted at a home. In one case, deputies said the sex assault happened in the bar.

Deputies are warning women to be aware of their surroundings and say they should always keep a close eye on their drink when they are out in public.

Deputies also said that if you suspect you have been sexually assaulted, report it immediately so evidence can be collected before it's destroyed.

Deputies said common rape drugs like Rohypnol leave the system in as little as eight hours.

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