Women's Heart Center celebrates one year of preventing heart disease

Screened more than 850 in inaugural year

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - As Bakersfield Heart Hospital's Women Heart Center blows out the candle on their inaugural year they're shedding light on women's number one silent killer.

Nurses say they've screened more than 850 locals for heart disease since the center opened last February.

"Across the United States over the next year over 500,000 women will die of heart disease, that's a lot in particular when you consider most of that is preventable", registered nurse Laura Cunanan said.

Testing your heart health typically takes less than an hour and the specialized center in our own backyard seems to be drawing people from all over.

Women's Heart Center Coordinator Cynthia Burt said, "we've actually seen patients from Delano, Shafter, a lot of women from Tehachapi, Arvin". 

The center is also opening it's doors to men who would like the life saving screening done. 



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