Young Professionals Group in Bakersfield donates over $2k to Jeremy Staat Foundation

Staat Foundation helps veterans

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A local group has made a home run donation in order to help local war veterans cope with civilian life.

The Young Professionals Network--which is made up of a group of realtors in town--recently held a softball tournament that raised $2,700.

Today, they presented that money to the Jeremy Staat Foundation, which establishes programs to prevent suicide among veterans.

Staat, an Iraq war veteran, said 22 vets a day commit suicide nationwide and he wants to use every last cent of his donations in order to help stop this epidemic.

"We want to keep all the funding here," said Staat.  "A lot of people don't realize that when they give to these large, national foundations, the money doesn't stay here in Bakersfield. The money goes to a large, national board and it goes to pay for large CEOs salaries and we're trying to, like I said, keep the money here locally and become a stronger community through building relationships."

To donate to the Jeremy Staat Foundation, go to , or call 661-330-1411.

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