Manager asks breastfeeding Indiana mother to leave restaurant

Pizza restaurant apologizes

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - An Indiana mother is speaking out after she said she was asked to leave a restaurant because she was breastfeeding her baby.

Audrey and Jason Taylor had been trying to have a child for eight years. Since the arrival of their 3-month-old son, Jack, the couple is doing everything it can to help him grow.

Audrey said she had breastfed her son multiple times in public and that it hadn't been an issue until the couple and baby had lunch at Tony Sacco's Pizza in Granger last week.

Despite her attempts to be discreet, another customer reported Audrey to the on-duty manager.

The manager then asked Audrey to leave the restaurant as she nursed her baby, even though that request is illegal under Indiana law.

The restaurant owner apologized profusely for how the situation was handled, but the Taylors said the issue is much larger than one disrupted lunch.

"All over the world, it's completely acceptable for a mom to breastfeed in public," Audrey said. "We already have enough to worry about as a new mom. This is one more thing that doesn't need to be persecuted against."

The restaurant said that is has a family-friendly environment that welcomes nursing moms.

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