Moms Demand Action, founded by Zionsville mother Shannon Watts, sparks controversy new gun ads

Watts invited to speak on Biden's call

INDIANAPOLIS - Moms Demand Action, a group founded by a Zionsville mother calling for more gun control, has sparked controversy with a new ad campaign.

The first ad in the "Choose One" series features two elementary-age girls, one holding the book "Little Red Riding Hood" and the other holding an assault rifle.

The tagline reads, "We keep 'Little' Red Riding Hood' out of schools because of the bottle of wine in her basket. Why not assault weapons?"

Other versions of the ad will feature other items banned in schools, including toys with small parts and the game of dodge ball, Moms Demand Action said.

Shannon Watts, the Zionsville woman who founded the nationwide movement, is expected to speak during Vice President Joe Biden's call Monday on gun control reform.

"We are grateful to the White House for acknowledging the power of mothers' voices and the urgency of our call for change," Watts said in a news release. "Mothers and women have often been catalysts of social change in America, wielding powerful influence on issues like suffrage, segregation and children's rights. Now modern American moms must come together to help enact stronger gun laws to protect our children and families."

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