Morrison neighbors worry about elk who tangled with tire and now wears it

MORRISON, Colo. - People living in a Morrison neighborhood are concerned about an elk who managed to get a large tire stuck around her neck.

Jennifer Daigneault saw the elk in her front yard near Highway 285 and North Turkey Creek Road on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Daigneault thinks the cow is part of a herd of about 50 elk within a five mile radius of Pine Park Estates.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials said they've known about this elk since April 8.

Because she may be pregnant, they don’t want to tranquilize her for fear of hurting the calf. 

CPAW spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill told 7NEWS the elk is able to do everything she needs to do. She is mobile, eating and breathing. Churchill said they don't think the cow is having any problems because the tire is there.

Churchill said elk often get items stuck on and around their necks. CPAW is aware of an elk that has had a bird feeder around its neck, another has a tomato cage. In the past, 7NEWS has seen pictures of several elk with Christmas lights around their neck.

Churchill said people who live in area frequented by wildlife can help by not leaving things out that can become entangled like holiday lights, volleyball nets, lawn chairs and of course, tires.

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