The Breakdown: Our favorite movie failures and why they bomb in theaters

Johnny Depp's "The Lone Ranger"  lost so much for Disney that Depp's fifth "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie has been landlocked until a lower budget is worked out.  Then there's the $60 million mortal mistake also known as  "The Mortal Instruments."  Its sequel was shut down after the first one floundered.

These are just two of the movies that have stunk up a multiplex near you.  Also on this not-so-nice list is: Daniel Craig's "Cowboys & Aliens." "John Carter." and Ryan Reynolds  "R.I.P.D." which was more like "D.O.A." 
Movie expert Don Kaye gave us his list of reasons movies bomb:
1)  Diminishing star power:  He gives Tom Cruise's "Oblivion" as an example, saying "Cruise doesn't pull 'em in like he used to."
2) It's too similar to another movie: An example of this is "White House Down." It was released months after "Olympus Has Fallen."  Don says "by the time 'White House Down' came along, audiences were kind of like 'didn't we just see this 3, 4 months ago, why are we gonna go see it again?'"
3) Marketing:  Don says in some cases "the studio's don't have a clear way of getting across what these films are about, and as a result they don't grab the audience's imagination like they could."
4) Insane budgets: Movies like "The Lone Ranger," that cost $250,000,000 are an example of this.  Don says, "there's no reason for a western to cost $250 million.  If you're building planets and solar systems and space ships, that's one thing, but you're talking about horses!"
Box Office bombs landing with a thud on "The Breakdown." 
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