Peck Rips Board of Supervisors, Threatens Lawsuit

Kimi Peck Confronted the Board of Supervisors Tuesday Afternoon

The county says she's not in compliance with zoning regulations. She says the county is violating her rights and over stepping its bounds.

That saga took center stage Tuesday afternoon before the Board of Supervisors as county staff was recommending that the board fine Peck and property owner susan Marlowe $5,000 each and charge them $500 a day each until they comply with zoning rules, but Peck said she won't pay the fines and is planning to sue the county. She even levied allegations of corruption at Supervisor Don Maben.

"Did he trade favors or did he give you a large sum of money?" Peck exclaimed during her comments to the board.

Peck's problems with the county began with animal control officials last year She moved out of a residence on Water Canyon Road near Tehachapi because of nuisance complaints. She was fined and moved to Marlowe's Bear Valley Road home on a temporary basis, but the county says she still needs a conditional use permit.

"We wouldn't be here if you followed their (staff) advice and filed for a conditional use permit because actually you've picked a good location to move your dogs to," Maben said. "It's strictly a zoning issue."

The board voted unanimously to table the possible fines for 40 days, so that Peck can come into compliance. However, the home in question is said to have been auctioned off Tuesday morning, leaving Peck unsure of her next move.

"I don't know," Peck said after the hearing. "Last time they gave me 60, (Tuesday) they gave me 40. You know how much it cost last time to move over there? Eight-grand. I don't know, I'm pretty drained on all levels right now."

Peck said that she will sue the county and added that there are now about 90 dogs on the property down from nearly 200.

She also said she may travel the country with her fifth-wheel full of animals as part of a reality show to educate people on spaying and neutering.

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