Police: Boy was 'excited' by Sandy Hook shooting, planned to 'break the record'

Student says he planned shooting for Dec. 21

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - A Bloomington student is being evaluated after police say he had plans to "break the record" in a school shooting this upcoming Friday.

Bloomington police said a Bloomington High School South student referenced the 26 people killed at Sandy Hook and said he was planning to "break the record" on Dec. 21, according to a report from another student.

Police said the student who made the threats claimed to have a gun in his locker.

Investigators said when interviewing the student about his statements, he told police he was "excited" when he heard about the Connecticut shooting, and he said he liked guns and felt "powerful" when holding a gun.

Officials did not find a firearm in the student's locker, but confirmed that he had access to guns at home, police said.

Police said the student's parents owned firearms but kept the ammunition locked in a safe.

Tuesday, police obtained a search warrant for the weapons at the student's home, under the guidelines of the Jake Laird Law, which allows law enforcement to remove weapons from those who could pose a threat.

Police removed two rifles, two shotguns, two handguns and ammunition from the home. The arms will be kept at the police department pending further review of the case.

Police said the student's actual intentions are unknown, and arrangements have been made for the student to be evaluated.

The case remains under investigation.

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