Maine Senate candidate Eric Brakey not apologizing for 'Sunga Samba' swimsuit dance video on YouTube

AUGUSTA, Maine - A candidate for the Maine Senate says there's no need to apologize for an online video in which he dances around in Brazilian-style swim trunks.

Twenty-four-year-old Eric Brakey is an actor who used to live in New York. He said Tuesday that if Ronald Reagan can become president after the movie "Bedtime for Bonzo," then voters won't mind his dance moves.

A former employee of the Christian Civic League of Maine sent the video via email to pastors at the church Brakey says he attends. The email was first reported by the Sun Journal newspaper.

Brakey recently announced a bid for state Senate in 2014 to represent a southern Maine district that's largely rural and suburban.

Mobile users can watch the video here:

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