NSA: Spying Operation Has Been In Place For Years, Involves All Major U.S. Phone Companies

The Huffington Post has posted a picture of a hybrid version of former President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. The picture was made because some are saying the Obama Administration is like the Bush Administration on 'steroids'.

Former employees of the National Security Agency say the publishing of a court order asking Verizon to hand over all its phone calling records for a three-month period opens a new window on an operation that has been in place for years and involves all major U.S. phone companies, according to the Huffington Post.

"NSA has been doing all this stuff all along, and it's been all these companies, not just one" William Binney told news program Democracy Now on Thursday. "They're just continuing the collection of this data on all U.S. citizens."

Binney, who worked at the NSA for almost 40 years, left the agency after the attacks of 9/11 because he objected to the expansion of its surveillance of U.S. citizens.

British newspaper The Guardian late Wednesday released an order from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, requesting Verizon to give the NSA the details on every phone call on its landline and wireless networks on a daily basis between April 25 and July 19.

Binney estimates that the NSA collects records on 3 billion calls per day.

For the full story, go to The Huffington Post 's website (http://huff.to/1baa7Fb).

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