Puppy found in Chula Vista with rod sticking from mouth dies: Sailor rushes dog to emergency vet

Sailor found dog in Chula Vista park

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - A badly injured puppy found with a rod sticking from its mouth at a Chula Vista park has died, in spite of a local sailor's best efforts to get her medical treatment.

Weylin Morton said he found the pit bull puppy with the rod sticking out of its mouth while walking his own dog at Cottonwood Park in Chula Vista in the 1700 block of east Palomar Street.

"I saw the puppy there ... she was breathing heavily and fighting for life," Morton said. "That little dog had gone through some torturous times recently ... was left there to die."

Morton said he acted quickly and rushed the dog to Pet Emergency & Specialty Center in Chula Vista where the bill for treating the dog amounted to $2,300.

Elena Vassilev with the emergency center described the surgery veterinarians conducted.

"We went in surgically, removed it, repaired the diaphragm, looked for where the bleeding was ... stopped that," said Vassilev.

An X-ray taken before the surgery showed how far the metal rod extended inside the animal's body.

"Puppies swallow things, but this is not something that's easily 'swallow-able,'" said Vassilev.

Morton was with the puppy after the metal was removed.

"It's heartbreaking that somebody would put an innocent animal into such torture," said Morton. He said that he and his wife were ready to adopt the pit bull in order to give it a better life.

But the puppy died Sunday night.

10News learned that Chula Vista police are looking for whoever may be responsible for the incident.

Morton insisted on paying the entire cost of the surgery.

According to Pet Emergency & Specialty Center, they will reimburse Morton his money if others would like to donate to help cover the bill. Those who would like to help can directly contact Pet Emergency & Specialty Center at 619-591-4802 and make a donation in the name of Weylin Morton or 'pit bull puppy found in Chula Vista.'

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