San Diegan's 'not see' vanity license plate causing outrage

Photo shows swastika above 'not see' license plate

SAN DIEGO - A vanity license plate on the car of a local man is causing outrage. You might not spot the message on the license plate at first glance, but when you see the symbol above it, the message becomes all too clear.  

The plate has two words, "not see." It is a slight spelling variation for "Nazi," a word that represents racism and persecution. Above the plate is a swastika.

 A 10News San Digeo viewer sent in a photo of the plate. 10News, a 23ABC affiliate ran it through the DMV and tracked down the owner.

Shawn Calpito lives in Kearny Mesa. He would not come to the door, but the person who sent 10News the photo of the license plate confirmed Calpito is the man behind it.

Calpito may have found out 10News was on to him because when we found his car, the front and back plates had been taken down. 10News also found his Facebook page, apparently just a few minutes before he took it down. When we went back to it, it was gone.

This is a guy who is promoting racial hatred," said civil rights attorney Jim McElroy.

10News learned that Calpito is a school bus driver working with dozens of kids each day. Team 10 is inquiring with the school district about previous complaints of Calpito driving his car to work and whether there will be any actions taken. 

The DMV regulates every vanity license plate.

"This one is so subtle that without the other symbol, there's no way for someone regulating this to realize this is supporting Nazis," said McElroy.

Some may argue the man has a right to free speech.

"This is not what I would call a legitimate political belief, this is hatred," said McElroy. "The Nazis annihilated 6 million Jews."

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