The Breakdown: Daymond John explains what it takes to make it on Shark Tank

This summer, no one hitting the beach wants to swim with sharks, unless of course they're on ABC's "Shark Tank," where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors, hoping it turns into a multi-million dollar deal.

We talked to one of the show's sharks to find out what it takes to swim with the big guys when you're just a little nemo on The Breakdown.
Intense and direct, entrepreneur Daymond John is fully invested in ABC's "Shark Tank ."  
"You never know when the next pet rock or snuggie is gonna walk through the door," he said.  
Daymond started making clothes in his tiny Queens apartment and turned it into FUBU:  For Us By Us.  That idea turned into a billion dollar business no one saw coming.
This is  his fourth season on the show, and it turns out there's a long list of things you can learn from sharks.  First, if you're swimming with ideas, get them out there.
Next. don't be afraid to go against the tide, but know that some ideas will sink.
And remember, when you're swimming upstream, have no fear.  
"It's hard to be humble when you're so great," said Daymond.
Lastly, whether a shark, fish,  or minnow, your name is everything.  Daymond tells us he tested the name BUFU: By Us For Us, but that didn't go very well.
Living like a shark and taking the bait on The Breakdown.
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