Soda Fire near Springville pushing smoke into Kernville

KERNVILLE, Calif. - The Soda Fire grew to 515 acres Saturday 20 miles east of Springville.

Down canyon winds at night will likely continue to push the smoke down the drainage and into Kernville. 

Smoke can pose health concerns for the public. Residents are encouraged to visit the “Protect Yourself from Smoke” website for smoke protection information at .

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The fire's cause is under investigation.

The fire‘s movement was aided by gusty winds that were blowing out of the south/southeast and reached over 15 mph.

The fire is still north of Clicks Creek and the North Fork of Clicks Creek.

The trail has deep snow and ice which makes its use as the main access into the fire impossible for fire crews.

The smoke cleared enough Saturday to allow fire personnel to access the fire by helicopter. They were able to begin the fire investigation and scout some of the trail system that is likely to be used to help confine/contain the fire.

Currently there is not a need to insert ground resources and risk injuries to firefighters until the fire gets closer to the trails.

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