Spring means baby bison fever on the prairie

PAWHUSHA, Ok. - Say hello to our little friend! The first baby bison of 2013 has been spotted alongside his mother at the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. 

PHOTOS: Baby bison on the prairie

This little baby is another symbol that the plan of the preserve is clearly working. 

During the winter, the staff rounds up more than 2,600 bison to weigh, tag and innoculate.

It's not an easy process. The wild animals can easily injure each other and the staff.

"They accumulate stress," said Harvey Payne of the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve. "They don't like being in corrals. They don't like being confined. They really don't like being around people that much, so it's a stressful situation."

But it's all worth it, because these "round ups" are all about maintaining the bison population and getting more babies.

There are specific rules when you visit the prairie.

  • Stay in your car.
  • Stay in your car.
  • Stay in your car. 

That's the preserve's humorous way of getting across the fact that the bison can be aggressive when they feel threatened. So you might want to heed their warnings.

Last year, 674 calves were born at the preserve, and they expect another 700 in 2013. 

So if the job of these cowpokes is to preserve the largest land mammal in North America, I'd say they're doing it right. 


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