9 out of 10 homes are breaking law by not having working carbon monoxide alarms

Alarm could save life


Families in nearly nine out of ten California homes are at risk of sickness or death by carbon monoxide inhalation.

State law requires single family homes with attached garages to have working carbon monoxide alarms to prevent unnecessary deaths.

Cal Fire dedicates every November to educating homeowners about the dangers of undetected carbon monoxide leaks that can occur in homes.

Carbon monoxide is an output gas produced from heaters and fireplaces, furnaces and many types of appliances and cooking devices.

Carbon monoxide claims more than 400 lives a year and sends thousands of people to emergency rooms.

Cal Fire is encouraging homeowners to install carbon monoxide alarms in their homes, just like they would a smoke detector, not just because it's the law, but because it could save a life.

The alarms are just a few bucks at any local hardware store. Again, if you own a single family home with an attached garage, it is the law to have a working carbon monoxide alarm in your home.

All California dwelling places, including apartments and rental homes will also be required to have a working carbon monoxide alarm by Jan. 1, 2013.

For more information including safety tips and possible symptons check out www.fire.ca.gov .

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