Are online college classes the wave of future in California?

Campuses receive money to offer online courses

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -  

The price of getting a college education at California universities continues to soar. Governor Jerry Brown believes one way to cut down the high costs is through more online courses. 

Today, the governor is meeting with the University of California board of regents to iron out details in part of the state budget for higher education.

Brown's budget proposal would give $16.9 million to community colleges for courses offered through virtual classrooms.

UC and  CSU campuses would also receive $10 million to increase the number of course offered online. 

San Jose State just launched a pilot project offering  low cost online math classes.  The project is a partnership with SJSU and the tech company  Udacity  inc.  to encourage more students to pursue careers in  the math field.

"Technology has changed drastically in the last 50 years,” said assemblyman Dan Logue.  “I think the universities have to change with it. I think it offers more students the ability to get an education at a better prices. As long as the quality is good I think it's a step in the right direction."

Logue believes online learning is the wave of the future. 

The Chico lawmaker sponsored a bill that creates a pilot program for some California students to earn a  $10,000 bachelors degree . 

The bill would allow many  math and science college credits to be earned online  and  through advanced placement courses in high school. He believes it could cut the cost of tuition by shortening time spent  in a university.


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