CalChamber pushing state congressional delegation on immigration reform

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A California business leader is using the power of the web to urge California's congressional delegation to support immigration reform. The U.S. Senate has passed a reform bill, but it is now stalled in the house.

So California Chamber of Commerce President Allen Zaremberg has released a video calling on California's house members to back immigration reform.

Zaremberg's message? California's businesses and economy need immigrant workers.

"We have high-tech who needs more skilled workers," said Zaremberg.  "We have an agricultural industry that is very worker dependent, we need a guest worker program for them. Many other states have agriculture but they don't rely on a lot of workers that are skilled in these low-wage jobs like we need to have."

Zaremberg said the state's tourism industry and trade relations with Mexico would also benefit from an immigration bill. California's need for reform, he said, is greater than other states.

"One of the messages we're trying to get out is let's not let this debate in Washington be dominated by members of Congress whose districts, whose states, don't really have an interest in the outcome of immigration reform," said Zaremberg. "Their economy, their jobs are not dependent on immigration reform. And we have members of our delegation who should stand up, step up to the podium, take a leadership position and try to do what's best for California and that's to pass comprehensive immigration reform."

Zaremberg's video is on the Cal Chamber's website. He's hoping the message will draw the attention of California's congressional members and others who might influence them.

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