California lawmakers react to poaching attempt by Texas Gov. Rick Perry's visit

Perry visits to recruit businesses to Texas

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -  

Texas Governor Rick Perry is in California trying to lure businesses to relocate to the Lone Star State. 

His visit follows the radio ads he ran in California criticizing the state’s business climate. 

The trip is creating a lot of buzz. 

Governor Jerry Brown has called Perry’s visit  a ‘cheap gimmick.’

But Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom was quoted in a magazine article as saying that Perry is ‘getting in our heads.’

Republicans in the state legislature are using the visit to renew their own criticisms of the business climate here.

They claim stringent regulations and high taxes have forced businesses to move out of state. 

One assemblymember says he has nothing against perry for coming here.

“The issue isn’t about Rick Perry” said assemblymember Dan Logue.  

“The issue is about why is it that he feels that he can be successful in doing that.”

Logue has been a leading pro-business voice in the California legislature, calling for lowering taxes on businesses and passing more business-friendly laws.

“We have so many laws being passed here in California that the first violation with a small business  should be a fix-it ticket instead of a fine. That would be a huge step,” said Logue. 

“We should have sunset clauses on all these regulations at least every five years for review to make sure that they’re legitimate, that there’s still a need.”

Even Governor Brown and some democrats support changes to California’s decades-old environmental quality act, which can delay business projects for years.

Perry, meanwhile,  may have a tough time luring any businesses away, at least from Silicon Valley, one of his stops.

Business leaders there say the land of startups is thriving. 

Perry will also visit Los Angeles and Orange County this week.

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