California legislation to stop current standardized test, now

The test were originally set to stop next year

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A new legislation introduced by state officials aims to ditch the age-old standardized test as soon as possible. 

The original plan was to move from star testings to a curriculum called common core, next year. 

Common core moves away from testing students and instead builds on more critical thinking and problem solving. 

Yet, opponents of the new bill said the move to stop the test may be to early. 

"The idea of not having a real plan, is a serious concern, leaving history and social science out, altogether," said Bill Lucia, CEO of Edvoice. 

Lucia said the state has yet to provide the money to public school districts, in order, to provide the tools to ditch the test a year earlier. 

He believes details still need to be worked out to have accountability method for the schools. 

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