California pastor finds bibles labeled as fiction at Costco

Store blames labeling on human error

California pastor Caleb Kaltenbach was disturbed when he discovered that the Bible was labeled as fiction while shopping at a Simi Valley, Calif. Costco.

"All the Bibles were labeled as fiction," Kaltenbach told Fox News.

"It seemed bizarre to me."

When he first saw that the book was labeled as "$14.99 Fiction," he figured that there must have been some sort of mistake.

He couldn't get any of the the employees at the store to answer his question about the matter, so he took a picture and tweeted it out to his followers, many of whom attend the non-denominational Discovery Church in Southern California.

"People are pretty shocked and upset," Kaltenbach said.

"We are supposed to be living in an era of tolerance, but what Costco did doesn't seem to tolerant. If they don't believe in the Bible, that's fine -- but at least label it as 'religion' as some bookstores do, or 'inspiration.'"

A Costco spokesperson told Fox that the labeling was due to "human error at a warehouse" and that it was "all fixed," although the Bibles already labeled as fiction on store shelves have not been relabeled. The company did not apologize.

Kaltenbach believes the situation needs to be remedied.

"On the one hand Christians should not yell out 'persecution,'" he said.

"We aren't living in Iraq or Iran. But on the other hand, I believe that we do need to stand up for our faith and we need to be vocal about our concerns."