Call for more child care funding at capitol

'Stand for Children Day' rally

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -  

Today, hundreds of parents met with legislators, calling for more support from the state for funding of preschool and child care programs.

The group is asking for the legislature to reinvest money into child care programs for low-income families.  Since 2008, 1- billion dollars has been cut from the state's child care programs leaving 1-hundred thousand fewer children enrolling in preschool programs.

 “So a little bit of the extra revenue that's coming in from tax returns that you know is coming out a little brighter right now. We just would like to see a little bit of that money come back into programs like childcare that really in the long run save the state money,” said Parent Voices Organizer, Jennifer Greppi of the southern Alameda County.

Greppi says she knows the legislature has to pay a lot of debt over the next years.  But she would like lawmakers to put 10 percent of extra revenue back into child care over  the next five years.

 “It's very, very important that we are here, we are going to talk to the legislators and let them know exactly how someone like me depends . I don't want a handout, I don't want to be on government aid or any of this but this is essential to me having a better future so that my children can not have to be on government help,” said Jessica Wood a Sonoma County mother of two on a subsidy for child care.

Wood receives 1 thousand 7 hundred dollars a month in child care subsidies for her two children. It's allowed her to go to college full-time and work two jobs.


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