Can one drink be too much?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -  


As we approach New Year’s Eve, the California Highway Patrol is again warning about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Most people do understand the danger, but not everyone knows exactly how much alcohol it takes to reach the legal limit of .08, or that even one drink can put some people over the top.

That’s partly because drinks served at a bar are usually measured.  So one drink at a bar may contain much less alcohol than one drink served at a party.

 “When individuals actually head to a residence and they have house parties, those mixed drinks are not measured,” said CHP spokesperson Adrian Quintero.  

“So we tend to see a lot of people who say, well I only had one drink. They’re coming from a house party, but it’s the equivalent to actually two drinks, so obviously the legal limit in California is .08, where now they’re over the legal limit in the state of California and that’s when they run into problems and they get arrested for DUIs.”

And impaired drivers can get arrested even if their blood alcohol level is under point-0-8. People driving erratically can be taken in if they’re simply found to be ‘under the influence’ Of drugs or alcohol. Quintero says being safe this New Year’s is about being aware, being careful and having a plan.

“Make sure you have something organized and in place before you actually go out and, designate somebody,” said Quintero. 

“A designated driver should be that individual that consumes no alcohol whatsoever, not the individual that consumes the least. So make sure that you have, go out and celebrate, have a great time, but at the same time, go out and do it very cautiously.”

Quintero also warns party hosts that they can be held liable for the actions of their guests. He recommends hosts take everyone’s keys before they start celebrating.

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