Car crash, fake gun threat creates chaos at LAX

LOS ANGELES - Operations are back to normal at Los Angeles International Airport after a car crash and false alarms that evacuated terminals, stalled flights and panicked passengers jittery after a recent shooting rampage.

LAX officials say a driver hit a parking garage Friday night. Airport police said the driver was experiencing a medical emergency.

The loud noise from the collisions was mistaken for gunfire and passengers scrambled out of a terminal. The chaos was heightened when an anonymous caller reported seeing a gunman at another terminal gate.

Officers evacuated the area and stormed in with guns drawn.

"We're investigating that call -- investigating who made that call that created quite confusion, especially when you have multiple incidents occurring at the same time," said Patrick Gannon, Chief of Airport Police. "That does not make me happy."

Some 2,000 people were evacuated from two terminals and dozens of flights were delayed for several hours until police gave the all-clear. Spokeswoman Katherine Alvarado says things are going smoothly Saturday morning.

The incident came three weeks after a gunman killed a TSA officer and wounded three people at the airport.

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