Controversial sex-ed book gets shelved by Fremont Unified School District in Northern California

More than 2,000 signatures were collected

FREMONT, Calif. - A Northern California school district is shelving a controversial sex education textbook that some parents say is extremely inappropriate for students.

Fremont Unified School District Superintendent Jim Morris says he is now recommending the school board put on hold using the textbook titled "Your Health Today" that's intended for ninth-graders until parents' concerns about its contents can be further vetted.

Earlier in the week, some parents raised their eyebrows when they looked at the contents of the textbook.

"Some topics are not safe for youth to be introduced to at that age," said Janine Weston of Fremont. 

Topics include sexting, online dating, and others.  

Another parent went to check the book herself just to see what the fuzz was all about. 

"I came here expecting to see things that would make me go, 'I don't want this book - withdraw it' and after viewing it, that is not how I feel," said parent Becky Bruno.

An online petition sprang up, collecting more than 2,000 signatures calling on the district not to use the book. There was even talks of planned legal action to stop the book from reaching the hands of about 2,400 high school freshmen. 

In a statement on the district's website, officials said they were talking with the book's publisher about modifying some of the content after complaints that the book has topics a little to racy for students at that age.

Before getting shelved, the district said that only 20 of the 400 pages covered sex, and that the books were not to leave the classroom. But now, the district says it intends to use a textbook from last year pending the board's approval. 

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