Electricity rate overhaul will mean higher--or lower--electric bills

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Millions of California power customers could see significant changes in their bills in the next couple of years.
Governor Brown signed legislation to allow the California Public Utilities Commission to overhaul its energy rate structure.

It's not clear exactly how rates will be affected, but people who live in the hotter, inland communities may see lower bills, while those who live in cooler, coastal communities could see their rates increase.

Any new rate structure would primarily affect energy prices for the state's three major investor-owned utilities, PG&E, So-Cal Edison and SDG&E.

The legislation also allows the PUC to increase the number of consumers who can take advantage of net metering -- a program that lets renewable energy producers, such as solar users, to offset some of their energy costs by contributing  energy back to the power grid.


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