Fisherman rescued after getting stuck in mud

Man used hand-held radio to call for help


Officials say a fisherman is OK after his boat became stranded in a marsh near the Petaluma River and he became stuck in mud when he tried to walk ashore.
U.S. Coast Guard Ensign Corinne Gaines says a Coast Guard helicopter crew was called to the area around 6 p.m. Saturday when the man used a hand-held radio to call for help.
A rescue swimmer from the helicopter helped the man climb into a rescue basket and he was hoisted up and into the helicopter.
The man -- believed to be in his 60s -- did not need medical attention. He was flown to Petaluma Airport to meet his daughter. His name has not been released.
The rescue came just a few hours after crews rescued two people who were thrown into the chilly waters of San Francisco Bay when their sailboat was hit by a tugboat.
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