Gay bars boycott Russian vodka over anti-gay laws

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Several gay bars in West Hollywood are boycotting Stolichnaya (stole-each-nigh-uh) vodka following the recent passage of anti-gay laws in Russia.

The Los Angeles Times reports ( ) Eleven Bar & Nightclub, Revolver Video Bar and Mother Lode are among the bars that have stopped serving the Russian spirit known as Stoli.

Those establishments are on a strip of Santa Monica Boulevard where gay bars and Russian bakers and stores do business side-by-side.

The Russian government recently banned gay pride events and gay "propaganda."

Stoli's maker, SPI Group, says the company is "a fervent supporter and friend" of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community.

The privately owned, Luxembourg-based company has no ties to the Russian government. The vodka is made from Russian ingredients.

Bars in Chicago have also been boycotting.

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