GOP lawmaker seeks audit of billions in California mental health spending

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A Republican lawmaker says he will introduce legislation seeking annual audits to show how California counties spend billions of dollars in voter-approved money for mental health programs.

Assemblyman Dan Logue of Marysville said Friday the legislation would ensure that counties comply with Proposition 63, the millionaire's tax passed by voters in 2004.

The state auditor reported this week that California has failed to monitor $7.4 billion spent since then and cannot reassure the public that the money is helping those most in need.

Logue says voters approved the tax to help people who are seriously mentally ill, but millions have been spent on "questionable priorities such as yoga classes for city workers, horseback riding for teens and Zumba dance classes."

Logue requested the audit after The Associated Press reported on the spending last year.

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