Governor Jerry Brown to sign budget that reshapes k-12th grade spending

Aims to close the achievement gap

 (AP) -- Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign California's $96.3 billion budget for the coming fiscal year, a spending plan that ends years of deficits and includes more money for disadvantaged students.
   The budget to be signed Thursday also adopts an optional provision of the federal Affordable Care Act by expanding Medicaid to 1.4 million low-income Californians.
   Brown also wanted to exhibit restraint in his first budget since voters approved $6 billion in additional taxes last fall. He required lawmakers to maintain a $1 billion reserve.
   The centerpiece of this year's budget is Brown's priority to reshape California's funding formula for K-12 schools as a way to help close the achievement gap. More money will go to districts with high levels of low-income students and those with limited English proficiency.
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