Groups petition for referendum on Calif. transgender bathroom bill

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Groups are petitioning for the overturn of a controversial transgender law affecting California students.

The law requires schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms of their gender identity instead of their physical sex.

Conservative opponents of the idea argue it opens up too many problems and questions.

So now, a coalition is circulating a petition to overturn the new law with a referendum.

A referendum petition must be signed by at least five percent of the number of voters in the previous gubernatorial election. After a referendum is filed, the measure goes to a public vote.

Opponents call the new law "the co-ed bathroom bill."

"Throughout the debate the supporters of this bill did not deny that it would have some extraordinary consequences, including  allowing students who self identify as the opposite sex  to walk into bathrooms and locker rooms and have their rights trump everybody else's privacy rights," said Matthew McReynolds, lawyer from the Pacific Justice Institute.

Supporters of the new transgender law said it is a Civil Rights Bill allowing all students to have the same access to school activities.

The coalition has to gather a half million valid signatures for the referendum early November.

The new transgender student law is set to go into effect January 1.

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