Heated confrontation between skateboarder, San Digeo school principal caught on camera

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - 10News San Diego obtained a video that shows a heated battle between a local elementary school principal and skateboarders who refused to stop doing tricks on school property. As tempers rise, the principal slaps one of them.

Skateboarder Trevor Ward, 21, was recording a video of his tricks when he and a friend decided to ride on the campus of Loma Portal Elementary in Point Loma.

Principal Glenda Gerde asked the two to leave but they ignored her, and tempers flared.

In the video, created and edited by Ward and his friends, Gerde is seen cornering Ward and demanding that he leaves. Ward turns and blows air in her face. Gerde then smacks him on the shoulder.

In a phone interview with 10News, Ward called the "slap" an assault.

This is not the first time Gerde has been on 10News. In 2010, she threatened to have parents arrested if they came onto school property before the final bell.

When 10News contacted the San Diego Unified School District, an official said they were aware of the video and support their principal.

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