LATEST: Dorner gun battle in Big Bear

BIG BEAR - Check the latest updates in the search for Christopher Dorner after sources say he exchanged fire with authorities in Big Bear. (Refresh this page as it is updated)

8:35 PM: San Bernardino sheriff's Spokeswoman Cindy Bachman said that law enforcement on scene has not entered the cabin yet. She added that reports that a body had been found are not true.
The cabin is not safe to enter because it is still too hot and smoldering, she said. Law enforcement will enter when it is safe to do so. It is unclear how the fire started.
Bachman said authorities will be there most of the night and will begin processing the large crime scene. 
Authorities have not officially confirmed that Dorner was involved in earlier incidents. They believe whoever was involved barricaded themselves in the cabin and is still inside although the building burned. 
Bachman said no new information will be available until sometime Tuesday. 

8:08 PM: LAPD says that no body has been found and that the cabin is still too hot to enter. No official confirmation that the person involved in shootout was Dorner. High-profile detail will continue. Identification could take days or weeks if a body is found. 

7:07 PM: Waiting on sheriff's spokeswoman to address the media. 

6:53 PM: ABC News is reporting that a body believed to be Dorner's was removed from the cabin.

6:50 PM: LAPD confirms to KABC that more than 50 families are still under protection. 

6:44 PM: Next news conference is scheduled for 9 p.m. from LAPD headquarters.

6:40 PM: KABC is reporting that authorities believe Dorner is in the burning cabin, but cannot be certain until they get in and see. 

6:00 PM: LA Times reporting that a single gunshot was heard as authorities moved into the cabin. 

5:46 PM: Flames from cabin still visible as darkness falls. KABC reporting Highway 38 now open for residents  only.

5:43 PM: Police plan to use heavy machinery to knock down burning walls and search for Dorner inside cabin. 

5:30 PM: A Los Angeles TV station is reporting a law enforcement sniper shot and killed Dorner. Working to confirm this. 

5:26 PM:  The Associated Press is reporting that a source says man believed to be Dorner never emerged from the burning cabin.

5:20 PM: Cabin where Dorner is believed to be holed up still burning. San Bernardino Sheriff's Department trying to determine if Dorner is alive or dead. 

5:15 PM: Water truck seen heading to cabin area. The fire department will have to put out the fire and hot spots to make it safe for the SWAT team.

5:10 PM: Authorities appear to be letting cabin burn to the ground. Cabin fire is not affecting other cabins nearby. 

5:09 PM: First fire engine seen heading to burning cabin.

5:00 PM: San Bernardino Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Cindy Bachman gave an update on the situation at the cabin. She says the cabin was a rental and believed to be unoccupied. Roads in the immediate area will stay closed for at least a few hours if not longer. It is unclear when it will be safe for the SWAT team to go inside and see if Dorner was in the cabin. 

4:57 PM: Cabin still on fire and is beginning to collapse. KABC reporting that a single gunshot was heard when the fire first started, then ammunition could be heard exploding when fire got going. 

4:45 PM: Fire vehicle seen heading to cabin area. 

4:40 PM: KABC reporting that SWAT will use a bearcat vehicle when it is safe to bulldoze through the wall of the cabin. 

4:37 PM: Still no confirmation that Dorner is inside the cabin. 

4:35 PM: KABC reporting that cabin is fully engulfed in flames. There are reportedly sounds of ammunition popping. Fire department letting it burn.

4:26 PM: CNN reporting that SWAT team has entered the Big Bear cabin where Dorner is reportedly holed up. Cabin on fire. Thick black smoke pouring out. Cause of the fire unknown.

4:22 PM: San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department confirmed one of the deputies passed away from wounds. Other deputy is in surgery and expected to survive. 

4:20 PM: KABC reporting that scanner traffic says shots are being fired right now. 

4:19 PM: Smoke seen from cabin where Dorner is said to be holed up. Sources reporting that the cabin is on fire.

4:10 PM: Highway 330 also now open. Armed searches of vehicles now over. St. Francis Xavier church is also serving as an evacuation center for people displaced because of standoff.

4:06 PM: There are reports that Highway 18 in Big Bear is back open. The Red Cross has opened an evacuation center at the Elks Lodge for people who cannot get home.

3:59 PM: Active SWAT situation at cabin where Dorner is believed to be holed up. Roads in the area are still closed, according to San Bernardino Fire. 

3:55 PM: Loma Linda postponed news conference again. Spokesman called

this a "sad day." 

3:50 PM: Two shot confirmed to be San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputies. Hospital says two deputies in intensive care but would not give any more information on conditions despite LA Times' report that one deputy has died.

3:40 PM: LA Times reports one San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy involved in shootout with Dorner has died at Loma Linda, sources told the newspaper. Updated story here .

3:36 PM: News conference at hospital suddenly postponed.

3:20 PM: Update expected soon from hospital where two officers reportedly wounded in gun battle with Dorner were taken. 


3:10 PM: Commander Smith to Dorner: Enough is enough. It's time to turn yourself in.

3:08 PM: LAPD: "We hope this will end without further bloodshed. The best thing would be for him to surrender."

3:07 PM: LAPD "we have airships in the area" of Big Bear in response to standoff with suspect believed to be Christopher Dorner

3:06 PM: LAPD commander says San Bernardino situation is sheriff's jurisdiction right now, but LAPD ready to provide resources if needed. Suspect believed to be Dorner fled into forest after gunbattle w/officers. Now barricaded in cabin

3:06 PM: LAPD commander confirms 2 officers injured in Dorner shootout. Their conditions unknown at this time.

3:05PM: LAPD holds news conference to discuss latest in manhunt for ex-cop Christopher Dorner

3:01 PM: LA Times reports one deputy shot by Dorner from cabin, second wounded when Dorner briefly left cabin. Both arrived at Loma Linda by chopper.

3:00 PM: San Bernardino Co. Sheriff's spokesperson: How serious injuries of 2 officers airlifted not clear at this point.

2:59 PM: Lockdown lifted at many schools in Bear Valley Unified. Parents can pick up students.

2:57 PM: According to KABC, 2 women reportedly tied up by Dorner during home invasion checked by paramedics, not injured. Not clear how long they were bound. 

2:55 PM: Big Bear resident says his wife was tied up by Dorner, "he tied them up and stole the car. It was a maroon Nissan, newer model," KABC reported.

2:49 PM: Confirmed: Shootout began in car. Warden assisted SB officers on rural road. He recognized Dorner, got out with weapon drawn. Scene clear.

2:48 PM: Sheriff Deputy confirms there was possible sighting of ChristopherDorner. Every car on Hwy 38 being searched by heavily armed officers.

2:47 PM: LAPD official: "I have no idea if it's him or not," witnesses and officers close by believe it's Dorner

2:46 PM: Sources: "Hundreds of rounds" were exchanged in about 1/2 an hour during gun battle between #Dorner & law enforcement, accoridng to the LA Times.

2:45 PM: Multiple schools in lockdown. Parents told not to pick up their kids. Entire mountain considered crime scene in Dorner investigation.

2:40 PM: Police in Big Bear checking every vehicle trying to leave the area. Media choppers staying clear of standoff so as not to give away tactical positions.

2:35 PM: LA Times reports Dorner deployed smoke bomb and opened fire in attempt to flee cabin, was driven back inside

2:25 PM: LAPD waiting for confirmation, will not comment on #Dorner standoff in Big Bear. All LAPD SWAT called to central station flight deck at 1 pm

2:20 PM: LAPD asking media to stay away, giving away location in Big Bear. Already requested to not broadcast shootout live.

2:17 PM: San Bernardino Co. Fire: All mountain access roads (18, 330, 38) closed.

2:15 PM: San Bernardino Sherriff's Dept: Suspect is barricaded in cabin, SWAT on scene

2:10 PM: Dorner pinned down. Reports have slowed so not to tip him off to police positions. All of Big Bear on lock down.

2:10 PM: AP: Authorities say fugitive ex-cop barricaded in cabin in California mountains; 2 officers hurt.

2:08 PM: FAA enacting flight restrictions over #Dorner site, all roads in Big Bear shut down

2:07 PM: KABC: 2 officers being airlifted to nearest trauma center, went down in Big Bear gun battle

2:04 PM: Two women being treated by paramedics in Big Bear, after being reportedly tied up by Dorner in cabin for unknown amount of time, KABC reported.

2:03 PM: KABC reports smoke has dissipated. Officers trained north, Glass Rd and Seven Oaks Rd. Officers taking cover, possibility he is on higher ground

2:02 PM: Possible smoke marker in field outside of cabin. KABC helicopter reporter says shots are being fired now.

2:00 PM: KABC says Seven Oaks Road, Big Bear, cops surrounding home. Helicopter camera zoomed out so not to give away police positions.

2:00 PM: Calif Fish and Wildlife official tells KCAL 2 law officers wounded in battle with ex-LA cop.

1:45 PM: KABC: Sheriff's official says suspect possibly crashed stolen car & was on foot when shots were fired

1:30 PM: KABC says family tied up by Dorner inside cabin was not hurt. One got free and called police.

1:26 PM: KABC reports tactical teams beginning to evacuate areas surrounding cabin where Dorner is believed to be hold up.

1:25 PM: KABC reports that Dorner may be inside cabin, surrounded by investigators, according to LA County Sheriff's scanners

1:18 PM: LAPD: Investigators

looking for White 2008 Dodge truck, believed to have been stolen 

1:17 PM: LAPD Source: Dorner was hiding out in Big Bear. May have tied up couple. Tried to steal a car. Gunfire exchanged

1:16 PM: KABC: Reports of stolen vehicle in Big Bear at 1200 Club View Dr. Suspect description similar to Dorner

1:10 PM: BREAKING: AP law enforcement source: Fugitive LA ex-cop exchanges fire with S. California authorities.

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