Lawmaker wants extra paid holiday for state employees

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A day after Governor Jerry Brown called '2013 a year of fiscal discipline', a Los Angeles area lawmaker hopes to give state employees an additional paid holiday.

Assemblymember Roger Hernandez, a Democrat, is introducing a bill that would make the second Monday in October, Native American Day.

The added holiday would make a total of 12 per year for state employees.

In 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger axed Columbus Day and Lincoln's birthday from the state's paid holiday calendar.

Financial officials say the move save 13.4 million annually per cancelled holiday.

If approved as a state paid holiday, Native American Day would replace Columbus Day.

The bill's sponsor Hernandez could be reached for comment, but his Chief of Staff David Vela said "Hernandez feels Native American people are so important to America and he feels it's a symbolism and state workers should be paid on this day."

This bill is still in appropriations committee.

Governor Brown has said the legislation would not be welcomed on his desk.  He told reporters at a Tuesday press conference, "we have to more with less."

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