Lawmakers ok with state budget proposal

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -  

Several Republican lawmakers seemed cautiously optimistic about Governor Brown's budget proposal. Now, that the plan is on the table, the next several months will involve  hours of negotiations amongst legislators that should deliver a final budget in May of 2013.

Assemblymember Jeff Gorell anxiously waited to hear brown's budget plans. Gorell says he is pleased that the budget calls for fiscal discipline after prior years of spending in California.

"It also hopefully resists the urge to levy additional taxes and fees up on an economy that is still struggling to get out of a recession. So I think the governor deserves a lot of credit for imposing that kind of fiscal restraint in  a  town where  frankly that's not  always very  popular,” said Gorell. “So we'll stand with the governor. As long as he continues to resist the urge to spend money that we don't have."

California schools are getting close to 3 billion dollars for k-12 and community colleges for 2013-14. That figure would include  an increase in per pupil funding. But Republican State  Senator Bob Huff of Diamond Bar,  says  the numbers are lower than originally promised from the passage of Proposition 30.

"I think the educational establishment should be happy that there is more money coming to education, but the voters should be disappointed with only 2 point 7 billion dollars out of the 7 billion dollars going for new education funding. Certainly the voters were promised that  this money would be going to education yet you have 5 billion dollars of extra growth in government that is not happening in  an educational sector," said Huff

Huff and other lawmakers from the GOP look forward to working with the governor. Huff realizes the budget is still hot from the press but he says it's a step in a positive direction.

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